Tenggol Island is cited as the “Best Diving in Peninsula Malaysia” by the Asian Diver Magazine 2002 Annual Edition. The island lies 26 km off the coast of Kuala Dungun in the state of Terengganu. A true haven for Underwater Photographers & Adventure Divers. The excellent visibility of up to 30 meters, varied seascape from submerged rocks, large boulders to sandy patches and great marine life makes this one the best diving locations in Malaysia.

Visiting divers are always impressed by the number of sharks, rays, nudibranchs and a hard and soft coral. Whale Sharks and Mantas have been sighted during the season.

Diving here is for all levels from novice to experienced thrill seekers who enjoy the deep dives, drift dives and wrecks. Favourite sites are Tokong Timur, Tokong Laut and Tanjung Api where strong currents, deeper water and pelagic prevail.

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